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Do you want to work for Little Prince as a nanny?

If you enjoy working with children and have specific training and experience in childcare, you are eligible to join the team at Little Prince. We will find work positions for you that best suit your qualifications as listed in your profile.

For us, your well being is as equally important as that of our clients. You can read more about Little Prince and our values here.You can check our current offers in this link.


To send us your application, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
Before you begin, please ensure to read all of the requirements and frequently asked questions.

1. What is Little Prince?

We are a nanny agency that specialises in placing experienced nannies and private educators with families worldwide. We offer both permanent and travel/temporary roles. We are also a group of nannies with a common passion…looking after little ones! 

Our main goal is to find nannies who really love and care about children and who aren’t just in it for the money.

2. How can I register with Little Prince?

To apply, fill out the form for nannies on our webpage and attach your résumé. You must also confirm your availability so that we can arrange an in-person interview, and so that you can sign the Nanny Agreement.

3. What must I include in my nanny application?

Your application is an opportunity to speak of your skills as a nanny and to explain why you are an ideal candidate to work with Little Prince. Be sure to include the items shown in the following drop-down.

  • Résumé with your work experience as a full- or part-time nanny, with information about the families and the specific work you were doing. Also include any experience you have from other jobs related to education and childcare (schools, summer camps, etc)
  • Include references from each job that you list, with contact information of the families so that we can get in touch with them. This will help us confirm that you are a responsible and experienced nanny.
  • Record the titles, courses, degrees and certifications you have in: primary education, first aid, nursing, pedagogy, etc.
  • Tell us what are your personal skills, knowledge, hobbies, volunteer experience and professional objectives.
  • Tell us about your routines as a nanny and give us an idea of what you do on a typical day when you are taking care of children.
  • Inform us of your availability, when you are able to begin working and your preferred working hours
  • Includes the Certificate of Sexual Offenses. Since 2015, the law requires that all people who work with children provide this negative certificate as they have not committed crimes of this type.
  • Include a photo of yourself.
  • Be detailed. The more information we have about your previous jobs, the easier it is for us to match you with a family who is looking for specific characteristics or skills listed in your profile.

4. Does Little Prince take a cut of my pay?

No. Never. Little Prince charges a fee to the families and we negotiate the best rates and benefits for our nannies.


5. How many families and jobs are available?

The number of families and positions changes daily and depends on the season.


6. How do we select families?

Our team speaks directly by phone with each family several times, which allows us to have a knowledge of their personalities, needs and lifestyles. For many of our long-term positions, we visit the homes of the families to have a clear picture of what the nanny’s work environment will be like.

We take care to inform ourselves as much about our families as we do with our nannies. Many of the families we work with have been referred through our most loyal customers, which is an additional confidence backup.


What characteristics make a great nanny?


Dependability is a must. Follow through on the parents’ rules and expectations for their children.


Confidence in yourself and your abilities. Being self-assured, showing self-reliance, and not being nervous.


Demonstrating smart, adult-like thinking and appropriate manners. Ability to react, cope and reason in an appropriate way for the situation.


Ability to show children patience that will strengthen their relationship with both yourself and their parents.


Experience in caring for children and knowledge of the basic techniques of feeding, dressing, changing nappies, bathing.


Flexible schedule and the willingness to stay late or come early if necessary.


Planning imaginative and interactive activities for the children you are babysitting.

Love for children

Children perceive when they like a person. Wanting them is essential to work with them.


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