We are a group of happy people with great energy always giving the very best of ourselves!


She’s the glue that holds Little Prince together. Dana handles the main work duties at the office. Always busy and doing many things at the same time. She simply loves being with children and cares about their education. That’s why she founded this agency.


Elena, the one and only. She organises all our databases. She brings miracle solutions to our everyday work life. She’s always there to help with her tender and happy attitude.


Cintia is our blessed accountant and lawyer. She deals with our contracts, taxes, insurance, and many other things. She’s an extremely patient and responsible person.


Photos, video and more. Andrea creates magic through her camera. She’s an excellent film-maker and a great person!

Victoria, Alfonsina y Vico

Chief leaders and the owners of our hearts. They are our inspiration. They arrange our timing and energy!

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