Our nannies have a pedagogical background and many years’ experience caring for children of various ages. Families from all over the world looking for experienced nannies can be certain that their children are under the care of a responsible and trustworthy person. Our nannies are multilingual and can ensure perfect communication with both parents and children in a variety of languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and more.
Here are some of our nannies!
ENGLISH NANNY – Danielle  

Danielle is an English nanny incredibly hardworking, sensible, reliable, compassionate and affectionate. She is one of those people who always does everything with a smile on his face. In her job as a nanny she helps the little ones to gain in self-confidence while having fun playing. It impels them to be creative and to advance in their studies. She speaks English and Spanish.


Kristina is a hardworking, motivated and versatile nanny. With university education, she has specialized in working with disabled children, with whom she establishes warm and affectionate relationships. She is sensitive to the needs of each child and provides a varied range of activities to support their development. She speaks Italian, Spanish and English.


Norma is the mother of 2 little princesses and has also worked as a nanny for more than 10 years. Norma was the first nanny to be registered with Little Prince. She is responsible, friendly, sweet and easily connects with children. She has many resources to make the little ones have fun and have a great time. Norma speaks Spanish, French and Catalan.


Ilia has been working with families in Spain, Germany and Belgium. She has experience with newborns, babies and groups of children like scouts. She has worked with children with Down syndrome, schizophrenia and ADHD, and has used the Montessori Method. Enthusiastic and creative, she enjoys teaching the children as well as learning from them. She speaks German, French, English and Spanish.


Arina has been connected with children since she studied in high school. When she was 14 years old, she did a supervised task throughout the academic year, taking care of children between 4-5 years old once a week. Through games and artistic activities she taught them letters and numbers. She is a responsible and resourceful person. She speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.


A responsible, kind and dedicated person who has an extraordinary empathy with the children and great facility to connect with them. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked for many years as a nanny and as a child psychologist. She was living in Brighton (England) where she perfected her English and also did a first aid course. She speaks Spanish, Catalan and English.

RUSSIAN NANNY – Alexandra  

Alexandra is an expert, kind and patient nanny with great professional skills. She has a Master’s degree in Child Psychology, worked in an English nursery and in full-time summer camps for 5 years with children of different ages. She has also worked with autistic children. She has availability to travel around the world. She speaks Russian, English and Spanish.


Lucinda is certified as an English teacher and an endless supply of songs, games and activities for children of all ages. She has worked as a teacher for more than 4 years in Spain and England. She has a great capacity to connect with children and transmit their knowledge. She is a very creative, loving and empathic nanny. She speaks English and Spanish.


Heloïse is a responsible, reliable and cheerful nanny who feels a great dedication for the children. She has a lot of experience, both living with families and as a babysitter. She worked as an au pair in Canada for 2 years. She loves children and loves to take care of them. She can work with children of all ages. She speaks French, English and Spanish.


Hala is an Algerian architect with more than 7 years of experience in the care of babies and children. She is very responsible and easy to deal with. Full of energy, she is willing to work in shifts. She loves children and invent educational games for them. She has always been in a family environment. For two summers, she has worked as a full-time nanny. She Speaks Arabic and Spanish.

GREEK NANNY – Dorothea 

Anna is a loving, responsible and cheerful nanny with an excellent capacity for child care and with great interpersonal skills. She has extensive experience with children. They have always loved the little ones. She decided to work as a nanny so she can continue doing what she loves and expand her knowledge and experience. She speaks Greek, English and Spanish.


Eniko has more than 10 years of experience in the care of children of all ages, including newborns. Is able to involve and motivate children with stimulating activities to encourage early learning. Independent and ingenious, she adapts quickly and easily. Her organizational skills are highly developed. She speaks Bulgarian, English and Spanish.


Dana has worked as a nanny for more than 10 years, gaining experience in her career with families from different countries. She was working for an Australian family with 4 children, traveling around the world with them for a whole year. She is a responsible, dedicated and kind person who has great empathy with children of all ages. She speaks Spanish, English and Italian.


Mary Ann, being a mother herself, knows very well what it means to take care of children of different ages. She is a loving, patient, cheerful and trustworthy nanny, who always works with a smile in her mouth. Mary Ann has more than 11 years of experience as a caregiver, both for babies, children and the elderly. She speaks English and Spanish.


Sara is a mature, cheerful and trustworthy person, with excellent skills for child care. Sara has a lot of experience working with children of different ages. She has a fantastic empathy with the little ones, accompanying them in their daily activities, preparing and serving them food, bathing them and playing with them. She speaks Spanish and Catalan.


Bella is a friendly, enthusiastic, responsible and diligent person who has worked for several years combining part-time jobs with nanny jobs and English tutor jobs. As a nanny, she likes to establish solid relationships with families and children. She creates a constructive and fun environment so children and teenagers can learn easily and relax. She speaks English and Spanish.


Norah is a reliable, affectionate and cheerful person with a great ability to take care of the little ones making them feel comfortable and calm, and at the same time they have fun and learn new skills. As a mother, Norah has a lot of experience taking care of children of different ages with whom she connects with ease thanks to her great empathy. She speaks Spanish and Catalan.


Marta is friendly and attentive. He understands very well the needs of children in all their stages of development. Being the oldest of four children, she developed her skills and passion for children from a young age. She likes to encourage them to explore their creativity and to appreciate the world around them. She has a lot of experience with babies and newborns. She speaks Polish and Spanish.


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