English and other languages private lessons for children in Barcelona


Children have an incredible capacity for learning, and starting a new language as soon as possible is essential for retaining new sounds and speaking fluently in the future. In addition, learning and listening to other languages during infancy contributes to developmental skills, such as the ability to focus.

At Little Prince, we tackle the difficult task of learning a foreign language with creativity. We don’t want it to feel like schoolwork or an added burden in which your child is being forced to learn. Our approach combines an entertaining method with the monitored progress of the child’s development, of which you will be periodically informed.

At Little Prince, we do not offer formally structured classes on English usage. We introduce the basic concepts and vocabulary of a new language through skill-based activities. Our method combines teaching with games, songs, and creative activities so that learning comes naturally and is suited for the age and skill level of each child.


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